The photographer

My voyage through photography has been long and challenging.  Coming from a belief that photography was truth and that it had the power to change the world, I earnestly set out to record the world.  The results to me, were disappointing.  What was true for me, wasn’t truth for someone else.  What had impact for me, didn’t have impact for someone else.  The true crunch came from I did some photos expressing my opinions about government and the Iraq war.  Whilst the images were subversive, the message was vague.  

Following criticism, I decided on a new tact, instead of taking what reality had to offer, I would create ‘reality’.  I became Tony Blair and my bedroom morphed from political platform, to nursery room to a make-shift grave yard.  This lead to a paradigm shift in my thinking on photography. 

The purists can have their day but restrict themselves to the world they see.  Photography can be more, it can reflect inner believes and images.  Why not create what you see as well.  Photography is all about the image, so whatever you do to get that image is alright.

What inspires me? 

The world is a truly amazing place.  From nature, to landscapes, to cultures and philosophies, the world is a never-ending inspiration.  I have been lucky enough to have traveled widely and at a slow pace.  I have stayed long-term in Europe, Asia and Central America.   

Starting as a bookshop browser, I developed a love of art.  Initially paints and photography but now the whole the gamut, from sculpture to dance.  Artist that had a particular impact on me, include Warhol, Grosz, Munch, Dali and Picasso.  Outside art, then the dance music of 90’s UK that at one time continuously morphed into new genre of music.   

People that have inspired me, include Leonardo Di Vinci, Owain Gyndower, Mikhail Bulgakov, Bohimil Hbrara, Nelson Mandala, Che Guavara,

New Wave photography brings you images that are fresh, provocative and fun.  Anything can be documented but at the end of the day it’s all propaganda.  That’s the use of images and at New Wave we might as well be honest about that.